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AMLE Feature:  Scheduling

More on scheduling:


Master Time Schedule

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
A2 8:00-8:15 A2 8:00-8:15 A2  8:00- 8:15
Core 1 (Block) 8:19-9:48  Core 1/ Elective  8:19-9:16  Block 1 (Core) 8:19- 9:50
Core 2  9:52-10:48  Core 1/ Elective  9:20-10:17  (Core)  9:54- 10:48 
Lunch 10:52-11:22 Block 1 (Core 2) 10:21-11:50 Core 3/ Elective  10:52-11:50 
Core 3 (Block) 11:26-12:53  Lunch  11:54-12:24 Core 3/ Elective 11:54-12:52
Core 4 or Elective 12:57-1:54 Block 2 (Core 3)  12:28-1:48 Lunch 12:56-1:21
Core 4 or Elective 1:58-2:55 Core 4 1:52-2:55 Block 2(Core 4) 1:25- 2:55



2 day Cycle (6th Grade)

Team 6A & 6B

8:00-8:15 A2
8:19-9:48 Core 1 (Block) Core 2 (Block)
9:52-10:48 Core 2 Core 1
10:52-11:22 Lunch
11:26-12:53 Core 3 (Block) Core 4
12:57-1:54 Core 4 Core 3
1:58-2:55 Elective



2 day Cycle (6th Grade)

Team 6C & 6D

8:00-8:15 A2
8:19-9:48 Core1 (Block) Core 2 (Block)
9:52-10:48 Core 2 Core 1
10:52-11:22 Lunch
11:26-12:53 Core 3 (Block) Core 4 (Block)
12:57-1:54 Elective
1:58-2:55 Core 4 Core 3



2 day Cycle (7th Grade)

Team 7A

8:00-8:15 A2
8:19-9:16 Elective
9:20-10:17 Core 1 Core 2
10:21-11:50 Block 1 (Core 2) Block 3 (Core 1)
11:54-12:24 Lunch
12:28-1:48 Block 2 (Core 3) Block 4 (Core 4) 
1:52-2:55 Core 4 Core 3

Team 7B

8:00-8:15 A2
8:19-9:16 Core 1 Core 2
9:20-10:17 Elective
10:21-11:50 Block 1 (Core 2) Block 3 (Core 1)
11:54-12:24 Lunch
12:28-1:48       Block 2 (Core 3) Block 4 (Core 4) 
1:52-2:55 Core 4 Core 3

Team 8A

8:00-8:15 A2
8:19-9:50 Block 1 (Core 1) Block 3 (Core 2)
9:54-10:48 Core 2 Core 1
10:52-11:50 Elective
11:54-12:52 Core 3 Core 4
12:56-1:21 Lunch
1:25-2:55 Block 2 (Core 4) Block 4 (Core 3)

Team 8B

 A B
8:00-8:15 A2
8:19-9:50 Block 1 (Core 1) Block 3 (Core 2)
9:54-10:48 Core 2 Core 1
10:52-11:50 Core 3 Core 4
11:54-12:52 Elective
12:56-1:21 Lunch
1:25-2:55 Block 2 (Core 4) Core 3

Electives are semester based

8:00-8:15 A2
8:19-9:16 7th A
9:20-10:17 7B
10:21-10:51 Lunch
10:55-11:52 8A
11:56-12:53 8B
12:57-1:54 6A
1:58-2:55 6B


Elective Teachers 10:21-10:51 
6th Grade 10:52-11:22
7th Grade 11:57-12:27 
8th Grade  12:57-1:27

6th Grade Example by Teacher (*Note that there usually is a first column containing teacher names.)

8:00-8:15 8:19-9:48 9:52-11:21 11:25-11:50 11:54-12:52 12:56-1:54 1:58-2:55
Room # 6th Grade A2 Core Core Lunch Core Core 4 or Elective Core 4 or Elective
Team Day A2 Block 1 Block 2 Core 3
103 A A 999600-01 Western Hem. 200600-01 Sci 300600-01 Sci 300600-02 Sci 300600-03 Prep
B Sci 300600-02 Sci 300600-03 Western Hem. 200600-01 Sci 300600-01
101 A A 999600-02 Western Hem. 200600-02 LA 100600-01 LA 100600-02 LA 100600-03 Prep
B LA 100600-02 LA 100600-03 Western Hem. 200600-02 LA 100600-01
100 A A Western Hem. 200600-03 Math 400600-01 Math 400600-02 Math 400600-03
B Math 400600-02 Math 400600-03 Western Hem. 200600-03 Math 400600-01
102 A A 999600-03 SS-ELL ELL-Math –  LA-ELL ELL-Sci-
107 B A 999600-06 Math 400600-03 Math 400600-04 Sci 300600-03 Sci 300600-04 Prep
B Sci 300600-03 Sci 300600-04 Math 400600-03 Math 400600-04
106 B A 999600-07 Western Hem. 200600-07 Western Hem. 200600-08 LA 100600-04 LA 100600-05 Prep
B LA 100600-04 LA 100600-05 Western Hem. 200600-07 Western Hem. 200600-08
105 C A 999600-08 LA 100600-04 Sci 300600-XX Sci 300600-04 Prep Sci 300600-05
B Sci 300600-04 Sci 300600-05 LA 100600-04 Sci 300600-XX
104 C A 999600-09 Western Hem. 200600-04 Math 400600-xx Math 400600-04 Prep Math 400600-05
B Math 400600-04 Math 400600-05 Western Hem. 200600-04 Math 400600-xx
108 C A Western Hem. 200600-XX Western Hem. 200600-XX LA 100600-XX LA 100600-XX
B LA 100600-XX LA 100600-XX Western Hem. 200600-XX Western Hem. 200600-XX
113 D A 999600-04 LA 100600-XX LA 100600-XX Math 400600-XX Prep Math 400600-XX
B Math 400600-XX Math 400600-XX LA 100600-XX LA 100600-XX
112 D A 999600-05 Sci 300600-09 Western Hem. 200600-07 Sci 300600-06 Prep Sci 300600-07
B Sci 300600-06 Sci 300600-07 Sci 300600-09 Western Hem. 200600-07


Jokes You Can Use: 

This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I’d never met herbivore.

What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.

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Fictitious Dishes:


Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or


Summer Reading Through Time and Space


The Summer, 2012 edition of Science Scope, a magazine for middle school science teachers produced by the National Science Teachers Association, featured an article entitled “Book Your Summer Vacation.”  The article was written by Juliana Texley. This is the second in a three part series of podcasts, on this article.  In this podcast, three  more books are featured.  They include:


Billions of Years, Amazing Changes: The Sory of Evorution, by Laurence Pringle


Mission Control: This is Apollo, by Andrew Chalkin


Space, Stars, and the Beginning of Time, by Elaine Scott


All of these books are available in the NSTA Store:



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Social Media

See mightybell link.


Positive emotions prior to a test increase cognitive performance.


Provide students with opportunities to communicate.


We need to teach this to students from the get go.


Making connections with real world.


Show and Tell. This is the most advanced presentation that you can do.

  • Defines the
  • Unwritten rules in Show/Tell.
  • Until we’ve mastered Show/Tell, we can’t be very effective on-line.


Take happiness as seriously as we take test scores. Zappos. They don’t sell shoes, they deliver happiness.


How many of your teachers do you remember?

Which ones do you remember?


Touchy feely is not a nicety. Brain research shows that you don’t get learning without it.


Social-Emotional is about performance. It is about energy.


Misiko Ito did research on social context.


What does in “feel” like for students in your school?

Do teachers know?

Can we do something about this?



ISTE 2012

Using iPads in the Classroom Edubloggercon/SocialEdCon session.  

Brad Flickinger hosting.


What are people using in their classrooms>

Open mic time

Wanted the iPads as a tool not as a thing to learn in itself.

App Craft:  Kids creating apps and animations for other kids to use.

The free version has a lot of Japanese commercials.


Penguin Palooza on

apps were the tacky/techie? books.

Smithsonian institute book on penguins.

Penguin app that hooks up with an aquarium in Calif.

Consumer apps:  used apps.

Producer apps:  created content with the app.

Comic Creator, etc.  Digital Storytelling.


Use teleprompter software and sandwich two iPads together.

Use it with English Language Learners.

Prompterous:  teleprompter software.

Collabaracam: combine 4 different iphones or ipads to one.

One person becomes the director and then combine the feeds on one device.



Puppet pals

Animate on the fly.  Use it with kids to do digital storytelling.


Animating in real time.

Facejack:  Does the same thing as Blabberize.

Stopmotion Animation


Stopmotion Pro


Scott Meech

Stopmotion Studio


QR Code Scavenger Hunts.

Putting QR codes next to teacher names as a way to connect with teachers and content.


Green Screens

Action Movie app.


Music creation with the iPad

Google easy chords for the song.

iPad Band . . . hehehe

Give the kids a chance and they’ll go for it like nobody’s business.

Kids learn on the virtual instrument and it leads to the real instrument.





Teaching with one

App:  Reflection

Air Parrot:  mirror your MacBook.

Use Reflections and put an iPEVO next to the computer and then you can show your fingers touching the screen.

Stylus:  Just mobile

An allupen . . . ?


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