MSM 358:  Glasses, we don’t need no stinking glasses! Oops, yes we do.


Jokes You Can Use:  


If attacked by a mob of clowns, what should you do?

  • Go for the juggler.


Anything you say and do, can and will be screenshot against you.


For many people, “live and learn” is one task too many.


I was gonna donate blood today, until the lady got all personal and started asking “Whose blood is this?” and “How did you get it?”


I just realized that I haven’t done the “Hokey Pokey” in over 10 years. I guess when you get older, you just forget what it’s all about.


DiGiorno should start to deliver, just to mess with people.


I used to be in a band called “missing cat”. You’ve probably seen our poster.


So, I met an Egyptian…they walk just like everyone else.


My friend’s hamster passed today….. he fell asleep at the wheel.





Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Eclipse 2017: Safety


This is the second in a multipart series on Eclipse 2017 utilizing the resources from NASA that can be found at:


Three questions are asked and answered regarding Eclipse Safety.  They include:

  1.  Why is it not safe to look at the sun even when only a small part of it is visible?
  2.  Where can I get the right kind of solar filter to view the eclipse?
  3.  Isn’t this safety issue about eclipse viewing, a bit overblown?


For information on how to safely watch the eclipse, please visit:


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We love our teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


Is it working in your middle school? Perspectives for educ & business guide you through sch initiatives  @nikkiwoodson  

Rat Hole #2:  Paperless classroom

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Join me for a discussion on “Reflecting on This Year” on #satchatwc at 10:30 EST or you figure out the time in the other time zones #satchat

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6th graders taking a gallery walk & leaving positive comments on their peers Math 6 Projects!@KaraffaAlyssa @B_IckesBGCS @ERadabaughBGCS

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OMG! This is going to be a game changer for me. Positive, Not Punitive, Class-Mgmt Tips @Larryferlazzo:  @edutopia

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Teachers Going Gradeless

Toward a Future of Growth Not Grades


After years of teaching using the principles of standards-based learning and grading, I encountered two findings that radically changed my perspective on assessment, grading, and reporting.


This year, I changed my approach, using feedback and revisions only, without entering a letter grade until the end of each term. At that point, I allow students an opportunity to evaluate their overall performance using statements from my Descriptive Grading Criteria(adapted from Ken O’Connor’s 15 Fixes for Broken Grades).


For some of us, the word gradeless means to grade less

For others, gradeless means without grades  





Cornell Notes

How to take Cornell Notes (5 minutes, 26 seconds)


XPMath Games

Free Math games.


Free Vocab Words


Coded Messages for Safety

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